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Every person must have a dream that must be realized as soon as possible, for example the dream to study at a higher level in a world-renowned university. not something that is impossible for someone to realize their dreams, even though taking education at world-renowned universities requires a lot of money. many financially disadvantaged students receive scholarships, but these costs cannot be relied upon to be fully used in fulfilling everyday life. Where many students have to take the time to work to get the coffers of money, even more so abroad the cost of accommodation is quite large. Whereas every student has the right to get safe and comfortable accommodation to support the quality of his education, because safe and comfortable accommodation will automatically make students focus on their education. But not all students have the cost of renting a safe and comfortable accommodation, this is due to inadequate costs. Therefore, seeing the problems experienced by students today, especially students studying abroad with minimal costs. One technology has successfully established a web-based platform that provides property at affordable prices and is safe and comfortable to live in.

Homt is a centralized market provider specifically for students who want to get accommodations at very affordable prices. There will be many questions why this platform is able to provide accommodation at very affordable prices, even though overseas property rental fees are not cheap. This is of course due to Homt utilizing several advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and big data as supporting technology in order to be able to provide services according to the needs of the community. As we know that every Blockchain-based platform will run with a decentralized system, meaning that all platform operations are not interfered by third parties at all. So there are a lot of unnecessary costs and the platform can provide services with very minimal transaction costs. This reason also makes many technologists choose to establish their company by adopting Blockchain technology, including Homt.

Did you know that Homt is a cryptocurrency-based prime that has done hard work to democratize property access and ownership for students currently pursuing education. it cannot be denied that students who have high quality are the most valuable assets for a country, how can their intelligence not be able to turn their country into a more developed country. So that the task of the government is to provide adequate facilities that can be utilized by the golden generation. Seeing the importance of the golden generation in the future, the Homt platform also takes part in creating a peaceful, safe, comfortable and affordable living environment so that every student can save money while studying. This is also one way for students to better meet their educational needs by minimizing accommodation rentals. Therefore, the business which is run by Homt, is very worthy to be appreciated, because Homt has indirectly removed the burden on the minds of students regarding the costs incurred for renting accommodation.

Usually students who study abroad will find it difficult to choose the right accommodation, even more so many locations that have not been visited. So do not be surprised if a lot of students who suffer losses because they have rented but the accommodation is not appropriate to be occupied. Homt will provide a one-stop service to help students find the desired accommodation with just a few clicks, where they can search through the application provided and agree with all the procedures that have been set. Not only that, all transaction processes will be carried out transparently, so that no third party can commit crimes against students, such as committing fraud. This happens very often because students do not have the experience and know how the conditions around. Therefore with all the services provided by Homt, it can be said that this platform is able to provide convenience for students who are currently studying by providing accommodations that are environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, flexible, and easy to obtain. Therefore for students who want to and are studying abroad, they can rely on Homt to obtain dream accommodation.

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Website: https://homt.net/
Whitepaper: https://homt.net/Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homtoken/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/homtoken
Telegram: https://t.me/homtokenofficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB9YHUPVlJclwW3qow0NOw
Medium: https://medium.com/@homtoken
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/homtoken/

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