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2 years ago


Here is a project that is designed to establish a perfect way to deploy and have access to safe and useful smart-contracts of an open source network which can also be customized as well to serve users in the best ways. This platform provides this with perfect security which also works for the ethereum network. It takes charge of how tokens are used and how many information about the users can be secured confidentially in the ecosystem. CCN however serves as an important improvement structure for smart contracts and is also functional in the financiial relationship with the contracts created for clients to be able to use effectively and will also be able to give solutions to many of the difficulties encountered with the use of smart-contracts.


The issues encountered by the cryptocurency industry in general is about being addressed by CCN and now its is outstretching its solution arm to the sphere for a change to be birthed.

To take full control of the problems, it has designed many features that is capable of working together to bring about the desire result.


This platform is known and respected for its cost effectiveness due to the minimal cost they do on services and in their special auditing services.

The network is so much reliable and flawless when it comes to dealing with assets. In addition to that, it is able to come up with the best customized dApps for users or entities at the shortest possible time with the aid of its engineers that are highly skilled. To confirm the quality and dependability of this network, it has been tested against the ethereum platform and has been seen to be free from app sort of vulnerabilities or errors thus making it best for users and for their contracts.

It has been tested with all sort of different test and its quality has been checked. It is however able to do the same to any produced smart contracts to ensure they fit into the perfect picture for the ones designed or controlled. The contracts are subjected to the checks to check for their complianc with the security standard of CCN.

CCN features a Testnet protocol or stage where app smart contracts to be launched are sent to how useful they can be and how far they can go in performing the activities they were made for. This is called Testnet check.

Payments can be done in multiple ways in CCN as it acknowledges many options like BTC, XRP, TRC,ETH, DASH and others together with only three fiduciary currencies like INR, USD, EURO and also, the CCN token which is important to be relevant in its ecosystem or to purchase any service.
It has an ever available support structure that is always there to attend to users in times when they get confused or in need of answers to some of their questions. There is no assigned time for this as this can be done at any time be it day or night. They are ever ready to help and render assistance.

It has the ability to interact and make customers confidential about using the platform. They are able to take extra time just to make sure the customers are pleased.

The project is well fashioned for actualizing the highest quality of product and ensure the improvement of the products are verified before they get to the clients who purchase them. All the stages that must be undergone will be covered to boost the market value.

Each and every time a user requires support in any sense, the 24hours support service is always available to serve them right. They don't allow slacks in the way clients are being attended to and that helps to gain user's trust in the system.

With the way all project craves development and growth, CCN is able to attain real quick advancement within a short time. Also the engineers in charge of the system uses the constructed smart contracts to satisfy users demand and build the apps that will be able to serve users right.


Token Name CCN Token
Token Symbol CCN
Token Supply 890,000,000,000
Decimal 18
Token Category- ERC-20, Utility Token


The token is the CCN which is an ETH source. It regulates the activities in the ecosystem and holds all the transactions done in it. It is tradable on a number of exchanges like mercatox, binance, Hotbit, Idex, coinexchange, kucoin and many others. Users can get the coin on any of those platforms and be actively involved with the activities done in CCN. The token makes users able to optimize the network for their own advantage and also claim benefits entitled to the users. Ergo, this is the best of its kind that can ever exist owning to the benefits and the features displayed.

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